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Yosi Lubalsky


I have had the painting bug in me since childhood and it has grown more powerful in the last decade. I gained and education in architecture between 1999-2005 and took courses in architectural sketching, in which I documented and painted buildings in the alleys of "Neve Tzedek" neighborhood and its surroundings in Tel Aviv. As well, I took enrichment courses in sketching and painting. After graduating I worked in architecture.

Between the years 2008-2010 I focused on enhancing my studies in realistic figurative painting under the guidance of a teacher in Haifa, a graduate of the "Ha'tachana" school in Tel-Aviv that specializes in that school of art, and I acquired sketching techniques in oil paint and coal. From 2010 until today I paint autodidactic Israeli nature and plant subjects.

I was born and raised in Hadera, in a rural environment in which there were wilderness areas, since the construction boom wasn't as developed as it is nowadays. In my paintings I express a longing for nature as it can be seen in landscapes views, trees, creation and change.

Nature as a foundation for the idealization of the beautiful and fundamental Israel – working the land, smells, colors and experiences. I knowingly and instinctually paint on large canvases to strengthen the viewer experience and include him as a part of the painting.

Living in Haifa nowadays allows me to experience and paint the natural wilds of the northern and valley regions of Israel that are characterized in my paintings.

I am a fan of cats and own a few. My acquaintance with them inspired me and led me to paint portraits of them. The platform in presenting the cat and its expression in self- portrait arouses and strengthens my perception of the humanity and warmth residing in cats, in addition to our apprehension of them as street cats that are pests in everyday life.

As part of my training as a dance class graduate and dancing instructor, the expression of motion is an inseparable part of the creation and is characterized in the drawing of trees in their formative appearance and their standing on the ground, and in the image and perception of the tree in the personal space of the viewer, as well as in the movement of lines that characterizes the trunk’s texture.

Motion can also be distinguished in the coal drawing and oil paintings on the subject of "fatherhood", figurative relations and composition among the figures and the motion between them.

Currently I dedicate most of my time to painting and research which lead me on a journey of self- discovery through reflection on the processes that I go through and experience while creating.




        Birth Date: 05.05.1976

        Home: Haifa Israel


  • Realistic painter using various oil, acrylic and aquarelle painting techniques.

  • Member of the Painters and Sculptors Association in Israel Haifa and North Israel since 2015.

  • Graduate of the Tel-Aviv University School of Architecture.

  • Dance Instructor

  • Dance class graduate of High school in Hadera.


Presenting in exhibitions since 2015, including:

Group Exhibition, the Embassy Building, Tel Aviv Tower gallery.

Group Exhibition, Beit Chagall - Beit Ha'omanim, Haifa and North Israel.

Group Exhibition of portraits - Hechal haTarbut Nesher.

"Yachdav" Group Exhibition - Beit Robinstein, Tel-Aviv.

"Happy Land" group exhibition- Brown Hotel TLV  January 2016

"IsraelArt 2016" Hapoalim Bank (Fighting HIV Association) February 2016

"Woman's World" - group exhibition Pall Mall Gallery London- March 2016

"Something Else" Group Ehibition  Agam GAlleryJune 2016

"Colours of Silence" Group Exhibition  an homage to Simon And Garfunkels"s songs. THe GReen GAllery TLV university. July 2016

"Israeli Summer" group exhibition- The4 Jerusalem Thearte " July 2016

"Gesture to Israel songs" Group Exhibition. The GReen GAllery TLV university. November 2016

"IsraelArt 2016" Hapoalim Bank (Fighting HIV Association) February 2017

"Space" group exhibition-Montefiore salon auction house&gallery, March 2017

Template- Man- Place-Duet Israeli landscape exhibition, The okashi Art Museum Acre , May 2017.

Tel Aviv W Tower Gallery "Only those who take risks and go far, discover how far they can reach" - Albert Einstein, November 2017

The Spring Brush, Space Gallery, March 2018

"Peeping into the Harbor", 80th Anniversary of the Tel Aviv Port, Hangar 3, March-June 2018.

Israeli art market. "The BIG Passover exhibition "March 25-May 10,2018

70 Years of Israeli Art exhibition  in Hudson NewYork , May 2018.

Aurora group exhibition in  Sde Nshemaia- February2019.

On Your Doorstep magazine-Magazine appearance - May 2019.

The big summer exhibition israeli aer market - July 2019.

There are no sweet wars, 44 Degrees online art magazine - August  2019.

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